Streamline the material flow in the warehouse or distribution center while improving product throughput, reducing cargo damage and optimizing available resources.

Dock To Trailer System integrates the warehouse and transportation environments by fully automating both functions. Both dock and trailer are outfitted with a patented WALKING FLOOR unloader.

WALKING FLOOR technology is a hydraulically driven, moving floor conveyor. Placing this system at the loading dock allows for the pre-staging of transported goods, with or without the presence of the trailer. The WALKING FLOOR conveyor automatically moves the goods forward, allowing for the placement of the next load. This allows materials to be grouped in advance for efficient handling and pre-staging.

  • Slat latching device allows the dock and trailer slats to move in unison, conveying the load.
  • At the dock, the WALKING FLOOR conveying system can be installed in a variety of configurations, including flush mounted within the dock's floor; attached to a bay; or detached for use as a portable docking system.
  • System is safe for employees to walk on, even while operating.


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